Career Growth at ONGC

The existing promotion scheme for executives in ONGC is as follows:

 Level Experience Required
For Next Promotion
Existing Pay Scale
 E1 to E2 4 years E2 Rs.29100-54,500/-
 E2 to E3 5 years E3 Rs.32,900-58,000/-
 E3 to E4 4 years E4 Rs.36,600-62,000/-
E4 to E5 & successively higher levels (Selection on Merit) Subject to the number of available vacancies. 3 years E5 Rs. 43,200-66,000/-
E6 Rs.48,600-71,000/-
E7 Rs. 51,300-73,000/-
E8 Rs.51,300-73,000/-
E9 Rs. 62,000-80,000/-


Unknown said...

what is the value of an mim degree in the career groth@ongc?

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