ONGC Global Ranking

  • ONGC is now a Fortune 500 Company (with 413th rank) and is the only and the first ever Indian Company to figure in the Fortune’s list of ‘World’s Most Admired Companies” in the year 2007. Ranked as the number two E&P Company in world (Platt’s ranking of top 250 Energy Companies 2011), ONGC remains India’s Most Valuable PSU in terms of net profit and net-worth.
  • ONGC has been ranked at 172nd position in the Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2011 of the world’s biggest companies released on 21st April 2010. The ranking is based on Sales (US$ 22.6 billion), Profits (US$ 4.3 billion), Assets (US$ 44.6 billion) and Market Capitalization (US$ 53.2 billion). 57 Indian Companies find placed in the list among which ONGC has been ranked at No.3.
  • ONGC has been ranked 24th among the Global publicly-listed Energy companies as per ‘PFC Energy 50” (2011)
  • Financial Express in its latest listing of top 500 Companies of India for the year 2010-11 has placed ONGC, second on composite overall ranking amongst all companies in India. ONGC also maintains its position as most valuable PSU of the Country.
  • Business World, in its latest survey on Most Respected Companies 2011 (published on 14th February, 2011) ranked ONGC fourth amongst all the companies in both private and public sector in India. ONGC has emerged as not only the sector leader (oil & gas sector) but also the most respected company amongst all the PSUs.
  • Transparency International in a recently released report ‘Promoting Revenue Transparency: 2011  Report on Oil & Gas Companies’ has ranked ONGC at top on parameters for organisational disclosure. ONGC ranked at 26th on reporting on anti-corruption programmes and at 16th place on Country-level disclosure – International Operations.
  • ONGC has been ranked 361st position as per Fortune Global 500 - 2011 list, based on revenues, profits, assets and shareholder’s equity.


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